MindQuilt’s next generation learning platform provides an innovative means for easily creating, deploying, and tracking employee training, compliance, and continuing education.

Unlike traditional learning management systems, MindQuilt’s Q&A-based training platform ensures your staff get their questions answered, receive proper training, find critical documents, and identify subject matter experts who understand the rapidly-changing compliance landscape.

  • Easily create training documents & videos
  • Combine documents & videos into a series
  • Assign to-dos for employees to complete training
  • Integrated Q&A
  • Post-training analytics



Sales tools and answers in one place for easy access.

Focus on selling, not wasting time searching for answers.


Develop and sell continuing education content


All-in-one training platform with integrated post-training Q&A


Private-label your instance with logo and custom design

Sell-through licensing capability


MindQuilt’s topic-based content management system allows you to easily create (using your webcam or screen casting) or upload videos or documents required for training purposes, which may then be assigned as “mandatory items” for staff members. You can even create a series of training items to be completed (ie, for a new employee).

MindQuilt’s next generation productivity platform puts control of content creation and dissemination squarely in the hands of your subject matter experts, so you as a business manager can hold those persons responsible for keeping their particular topic category up-to-date.


E-learning studies indicate that learners forget up to 80% of what they’ve learned within 48-hours of training. MindQuilt’s Q&A foundation allows learners to ask questions and get answers anytime.

It works very simply: when somebody asks a question, MindQuilt will determine if the question has been asked/answered before. If so, MindQuilt serves up the answer right away. If not, MindQuilt searches previously uploaded, relevant content (documents, videos, external pages) or scans your organization database to determine who might be a relevant expert and routes the question accordingly.

MindQuilt’s innovative topic-based data structure makes finding relevant answers, documents, and subject matter experts faster than traditional search engines and more efficient than general content management systems.


MindQuilt allows you to create quizzes to test learners’ knowledge of the content.

In addition, you can monitor and report on training progress, completion, and quiz results, i.e., a digital audit trail.

MindQuilt’s topic-based search engine provides unparalleled insight into what questions your staff is asking, so that you can more efficiently organize training material. No more guessing as to what information people are looking for…and no more wondering where the holes are in your training materials.


(Additional charge)

Our white-label option enables you to private label your MindQuilt instance and generate revenue through sell-through licensing. With integrated payment processing, you can monetize individual content items as one-time charges or setup subscription plans.

Use MindQuilt’s content viability settings to leverage content for SEO and social media marketing.

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