MindQuilt solves problems by leveraging your company’s knowledge. It works very simply: when somebody asks a question, MindQuilt will determine if the question has been asked/answered before.

If so, MindQuilt serves up the answer right away.

If not, MindQuilt searches previously uploaded, relevant documentation or scans the user database to determine who might be a relevant expert and routes the question accordingly.

  • Stop answering the same questions over and over
  • Capture and retain expert knowledge
  • Instantly answer customer questions, including references to documents, video, and links
  • Allow customers to help themselves
  • Identify subject matter experts
  • Eliminates laundry list of FAQs
  • Integration with other systems (email, calendar, CRM)



Arm support reps with answers in one place for easy access.

Provide customers self-help tools on your website.


Capture and retain expert knowledge

Facilitate Millennial-friendly collaboration


Improve partner understanding of your products/services

Reduce channel training costs


Private-label your instance with logo and custom design

Sell-through licensing capability


MindQuilt’s topic-based content management system allows you to easily create (using your webcam or screen casting) or upload videos or documents required for training purposes, which may then be assigned as “mandatory items” for staff members. You can even create a series of training items to be completed (ie, for a new employee).

MindQuilt’s next generation Q&A platform puts control of content creation and dissemination squarely in the hands of your subject matter experts, so you as a business manager can hold those persons responsible for keeping their particular topic category up-to-date.


When a user poses a question, MindQuilt identifies keywords or topics within the question, and identifies a subject matter expert.

If the user has a new question, MindQuilt routes the question to the Subject Matter Expert. Once answered, the question and answer can be added to MindQuilt for other users to see.


MindQuilt helps companies better collaborate: between individual employees, among groups, and across traditional information silos. Much like Facebook, MindQuilt provides the ability to set up public or private groups for posting questions and answers, sharing documents/videos, and following other member activities…all within a highly secure, confidential environment.

MindQuilt can be accessed via the cloud from any computer, mobile phone, or tablet device, so it’s always available for people who need to communicate now.


(Additional charge)

Our white-label option enables you to private label your MindQuilt instance and generate revenue through sell-through licensing. With integrated payment processing, you can monetize individual content items as one-time charges or setup subscription plans.

Use MindQuilt’s content viability settings to leverage content for SEO and social media marketing.

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