Innovative Q&A

Stop answering the same questions

Over and Over.

MindQuilt’s innovative Q&A platform allows you to ask questions, identify experts, and collaborate… with your peers, your partners, and your customers.

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Identify Experts


Your Expert.

Identify "who knows what and where" in your organization. MindQuilt enables your experts to easily and quickly share their knowledge.

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Get People & Teams Connected

Get People and Teams


Whether you’re a big company...or a project manager coordinating a small team, MindQuilt’s ability to control information access provides unparalleled means to collaborate safely, securely, and effectively.

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Keep Everyone Trained & Compliant

Keep Everyone Trained

And Compliant.

Struggling with onboarding new employees or concerned about the prospect of an audit? Use MindQuilt to track training, compliance, or continuing education requirements.

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Next Generation Question & AnswerMindQuilt’s intelligent Q&A platform allows you to unlock and share one of your organization's most valuable assets - knowledge.


    Question & Answer Reinvented

     Do you find yourself answering the same questions from employees or customers?


    MindQuilt has reinvented social Q&A for both internal (among staff) and external (with customers) problem solving to increase productivity.

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    Expert Identification & Content Search

    Can your wiki or Intranet really identify who has what knowledge where?


    MindQuilt enables users to ask questions, then serves up relevant content (documents, videos) and identifies subject matter experts who might know the answers.

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    Project & Group Collaboration

    Are your teams or groups struggling to collaborate efficiently?


    MindQuilt serves as a highly effective collaboration tool for projects and teams. Whether onboarding new employees or rolling out a new product, MindQuilt helps keep everyone on the same page.

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    Training and Compliance

    Do you need to track training, compliance, or continuing education?


    As an alternative to traditional learning management systems, MindQuilt provides an ideal means for tracking employee activities, continuing education, and outstanding tasks.

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